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Emergency Dail 911



We have cadre on standby that can deploy on 24 hour notice

Hurricane Response Operations Coordinator:

SAR Contact is HF 40 Meters 7.188 MHZ for the Eastern Caribbean when deployment is active. 




Our mission began by answering the call it was 1994, we were contacted by a group requesting training to enable them to provide Open Water Surf Life Saving protection to a popular beach just south of the border. People were drowning on a weekly basis and this was not acceptable. The training, support, donations of equipment by municipal agencies in the U.S. combined with direct staffing and supervison by our cadre saved hundreds of lives, prevented suffering by families who might have lost a loved one or the main economic support member of their family. During this four year project we advocated and advise local government, Fire, and EMS on how to establish a dedicated program of public safety. We trained local personnel in Open Water Lifesaving, Scuba, Search and Rescue, and Rope Rescue. Helicopter SAR missions were flown in the area and used as training platform for local responders which brought a level of emergency response to the area that had never been available before. Many of those original responders are on the job today, saving lives! The spirit of that intial response to the call lives on today in our dedicated cadre. Since then we have evolved into a multifaceted all hazard emergency response and training agency. "Vocationi Respondere" 

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