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Jr EMS and Firefighter programs are partnered with Navigators Scouting. The scouts will be have the opportunity to learn valuable skills related to being a first responder and qualify to participate in first response operations. Our western division office hosts training. Service opportunities will be avialable in the summer at the West Texas Station.


The Unified Conservation Corps provides young adults the opportunity to participate in programs that enahance the ablity to be succesfull in the workforce. Programs include Emergency Medical Service, Wildand Fire Fighting, Enviornmental Management and charecter building. The Corps operations camp is located in southwest Texas in conjuction with Unified Fire Rescue operations.This program is in need of corporate sponsors. The Conservation Corps is a new program. Please check back for updates. 



Our mission promotes international cooperation, recognition and association.

 It was 1994, we were contacted by an organized group for training so that group could provide Open Water Surf Lifesaving protection to a popular beach just south of the boarder. People were drowning on a weekly basis and that was not accepteble. The training and support, donations of equipment by municipal agencies in the US, and direct staffing and supervison by Paramedic International cadre saved hundreds of lives, prevented suffering by families who might have lost a loved one or the main economic support memeber of their family. Durring this four year project we advocated and advised local government on how to establish a dedicated program of public safety to the area. We trained personnel of the local Fire and EMS service in Open Water Lifesaving, scuba, SAR, and rope rescue.  Missions were flown in a Bell UH-1, providing public safety and training to the area on a level that had not been available before. Many of those original personnel who received that training are on the job today, saving lives! The spirit of that intial response to the call lives on today in our dediciated cadre.  













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