SCUBA DIVING AND OPEN WATER SURF LIFESAVING PROGRAMS 



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Ocean Safety International Open Water Lifeguard training and certification. 

Ocean Safety International Surf Rescue Division is a multifaceted operation that comprises key aspects of Voluntary Open Water Lifeguard services and competitive surf sports. This division closley follows the Australian model. The division operates Surf Rescue Teams in Baja California the Caribbean. As the 2021 season is upon us we are actively seeking to establish teams. Good swiming skills are required. Candates must be able to swim 500 yards in under 10 minutes (250 yard bouy swim and return through open water and or surf) as a minimum entry level qualification.  Training and certification in open water surf rescue, open water scuba are part of this program. Contact us to start a team at your local beach, host or register for a course. This program can be tailored to fit local needs and protocols.  To request training email-  lifeguard@oceansafetyinternational.org




Rincon PR Surf Rescue Team.

We are need of members for Rincon PR. Rincón is a town on Puerto Rico’s west coast, known for its beaches. Punta Higuero Lighthouse overlooks Domes Beach, with its pounding surf. Central Sandy Beach is lively. Steps Beach is the site of Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, home to parrotfish and hawksbill turtles. South along the coast are quiet Caribbean beaches like Corcega. Offshore, coral reefs surround tiny Desecheo Island. PR was has had several incidents, a major hurricane and several earth quakes recently. We need support of for this area. Please consider donating. 



Cali-Baja Mega Region Lifeguard Marine Rescue Division. 

Located in Fracc. San Antonio Del Mar in Playas De Tijuana. The division offers full NAUI dive training, Aquatic Rescue certification program, Open Water LifeGuard,  First Responder Training. Response cadre are members of Cal Baja Fire Marine Rescue Division. The goal for the region is Zero preventabe deaths or injuries in the coastal waters. 


Surf Rescue Team Assigned Watch Division. 

Assigned watch division is staffed by volunteers as a single role resource who have the ability and means to staff or establish local Surf Rescue Teams but do not reside permanently in the area of assignment. This is a great opportunity for certified lifesavers to travel and spend spring and summer as Surf Rescue Team memebers with local clubs. Minimum age is 16, civic youth groups are encouraged to apply. No hazard assignments are open to 14 to 18 year olds. This is program is great way to serve as lifeguard for a summer. 


Assignments can be as short as one week and up to 6 months. Assigned watch staff must be certified at a minimum in open water surf rescue,  Advanced First Aid, CPR AED and Open Water Scuba Diver. Training takes place begining in Febuary at our western division headquarters. Training is open to all interested parties. There is a minimal cost of training and certification and candidates are encourge to have a sponsor or self sponsor. 



 Aquatic rescue operations for first responders 

This is a comprehensive course in Aquatic Rescue for First Responders. This is an open enrollment course. Prerequiste is mandatory swim test of 500 yards in under 12 minutes. Training is based on NFPA 1006. Dive certification is based on NAUI certification. This course requires books, PPE for inwater operations and full Scuba Gear. Open Water Lifeguards, special operations teams and those who want a serious understanding and confidence level working as a Water Rescue Operator should take this course. EMS personnel who want to expand their certifications will benifit from the program. This course is available in english and spanish. Online component is required prior to evolutions and hands on training. 

Special note. Participants must have access to full dive gear. Optional drysuit training can be included. Vulcanized Rubber Drysuit


Diver Paramedic. 

This course is a comprehensive course in aquatic medicine, Scuba and subaquatic emergencies, including hyperbarics, decompresion emergencies and ALS intervetnions. Paramedics working in ares that have aquatic activities and Scuba activities, this course will provide valuable training. Prerequisite: NREMT-P, State Licensed Paramedic, or international certification, rescue diver certification. Books Required. Course cost 695.00 Plus books


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We offer a spectrum of Scuba Diving courses using the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) programs. The credo at NAUI is "Dive Safety Through Education". Your individual and team training will refelect our commitment to training competent, safe, educated Scuba Divers.