Occupational  Safety Division 

OSHA programs job site safety. 


Our Director of Safety holds a Masters Degree in Occupational Safety and Health. The Certified Safety Engineering Technicians who work under his direction are competent in Cal-OSHA and Fed-OSHA. With the presence of Covid-19 now more than ever compliance is an integral component of the workplace, including the EMS and private ambulance transport. Contact us to discuss workplace safety training, contract compliance and more. 


Our safety personnel have worked in many of the major refineries around the world supplementing safety staff during major outages, capital projects, disaster recovery and emergancy response. Contract Certified Safety Engineering Technicians are available for short and long term assignments.  


A minor injury can turn into a recordable injury. Our teams are trained in OSHA and Cal-OSHA recordkeeping . We can provide EMTs or Paramedics for remote occupational sites where response times requiring a competent person on site. 

We offer PFT/Fit testing, drug testing and more. 


Our experienced professionals can assist in updating safety information, conduct facility-siting surveys,  create and illness and injury prevention program and facililitate a HAZOP or What-If-Reviews. 


OSHA 1910 Subpart T. Certified Professional Divers trained in OSHA 1910 subpart T, and contaminated water diving operations are available for contract assingments. As of April 2021 we have team divers deployed to the port rework project on Cedros Island B.C.N. 


Covid-19 requires special compliance modalities to ensure the safety of your employees and patrons. Occupational Safety and Health compliance, OSHA/Cal-OSHA compliance is essential to protect against Tort liablity and OSHA fines. Safety is not a side gig for the human resources department. Safety requires a dedicated Certified Safety Engineering Technician with understanding of industry and occupation, along with OSHA certification. Contact us today! 


OSHA 1910 and 1926 

Most companies are required by OSHA to have a set of written Safety & Health Programs. A written safety program is a custom set of documents  that holds a company’s safety policies, procedures, checklists, training documentation and cites applicable OSHA’s standards.

At a minimum, most companies will need policies and procedures defined for Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, Hazard Assessments, Emergency Action Planning and Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP). This is where contracting us as resource comes into play. We can audit your workplace and develop a progam that works. Additional issues will need to be considered  depending on what type of industry your comany is in. Construction companies may also need Fall Protection, Excavation, Electrical/Assured Equipment Grounding, Powered Hand Tools, Permit Required Confined Space, Silica or Heat Stress Programs to name a few. Organizations that are classified as General Industry might also need Control of Hazardous Energy or Lockout Tagout, Respiratory Protection, Hearing Conservation or Overhead Crane programs. These topics are popular examples that may or may not be applicable to your company. Your company may also need additional written programs that are not listed here. To get some insight on which safety programs you may need please call one of our experienced consultants today 

When Safety Professionals talk about the term “Safety Program”, they are using it as an umbrella term that includes all of the elements that are needed in order to achieve a proper safety program: custom written safety and health programs, employee training, assessing the workplace for hazards and fixing them, and the ongoing effort that is needed to maintain and improve a company’s safety culture. Achieving an effective safety program is about complying with OSHA’s rules and regulations in order to create a safe workplace for employees. Now more than ever compliance and follow through are required to avoid OSHA issues. Our team can  provide onsite health care providers who are cross trained in OSHA. 


Occupational safety and health International 


OSHI offers training leading to a Certified Safety Engineering Technician (CSET) in Occupational Safety and Health, also known as Safety Engineering. This is a real world program of certification with hands on evolutions that include Confined Space, Hazmat, OSHA general industry and construction.  Course are delivered online with a live instructor. Certain designated courses require in person skills training and testing which are held four times a year at our western division headquarters. 



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