Unified Search and Rescue


Unified Search and Rescue is made up of SAR teams that are supervised and coordinate rescue assignments at the local level. 

If a request exceeds local team resources the local team will request additional resources from our headquaters. For SAR teams that can deploy to areas affected by disasters, please use the contact page to request a team.

The Unified Seach and Rescue division is made up of personnel who are trained at a minimum of First Responder BLS and land search and rescue. 


We have both international teams and local teams, including specialized teams for maritime, sub aquatic, and wilderness environments. 


The Rincon Rescue (PR) and St Croix USVI teams are currently looking for members. 

We are always in need of team sponsors. You can help save lives by sponsoring a team. As a non-profit we rely on donations of equipment to train and save lives.

Current preparations for the 2021 Hurricane Season are in progress. We are always in need of SAR vehicles and monetary support from corporate sponsors. 



Hurricane Season 

The 2021 Hurricane season has closed. The 2022 deployment HQ will be Rincon PR. As we evolve, our standards and protocols require updated skill sets. We are always in need of serious volunteers who can commit to deployment. Various levels of certification are needed. Please consider donating. Donations are tax deductable. We also need apparatus, rescues and equipment. 


Caribbean EMS and Life Safety.

Emergency Medical Service operations for resorts and private infrastructure in the Caribbean. Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, Marine Safety and Open Water Lifeguard service. Contact us today for more information on how we can provide your property service.



Staffing is a major issue for many EMS  providers both public and private. Paramedic International can provide clinically compentent  Nationally Registred state specific certified Paramedics and EMT basics for just about any type of assingment. We can provide short term staffing in the event of leave of absence issues.  All staffing members are tested on National Registry skills by level of certification immediately prior to assingment.